The “Mushy” Middle

This blog is about US politics and world events, from a centrist viewpoint, also called the “mushy middle” by a certain right-wing talk show host. 

This blog is dedicated to the idea that the truth is in the middle and that chasing ideological purity in politics is like running full-speed ahead while chasing fantastic supernatural lights in the sky: it’s a great way to dive off a cliff, but not good for much else.

This blog will defend RINOs and DINOs (Republicans In Name Only and Democrats In Name Only).  It will decry putting the interests of a political party ahead of the interests of the country.  It will advocate the use of reason, common sense, evidence and experience in the development of national policy.  It will acknowledge the limitations and unintended consequences of everything we try to do as a nation.  It will hail politicians who compromise with their opponents as heroes who recognize that it is the only way to accomplish anything in government.  It will seek out reasonable, possible and effective solutions to the problems we face as a country.

If you are one of the twelve people left in the country who believe in listening to what other people have to say, who seek to refine their opinions through discussion with others and who desire to work together to find workable solutions to the nations problems, then welcome to The National Center, where our motto is “We Can Save the World.”


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