On the Importance of Believing Right

On one thing they agree,

The Scientist and the Theologue:

There is no matter,

There is no affair,

There is nothing greater,

Nothing more urgent,

Nothing graver

Than believing true.

On that, the fate of humanity rests, they nod,

Smug in knowledge that they, above all others,

Are the ones who are right.

Knowledge has the power to save, they concur,

And error the power to damn.

Whatever one does, it’s knowing that’s best,

Whether you’re a child, a woman or a man (the scientist insisted on inclusive language).

Oh, sin, if you must, but never depart

From the right path of knowledge fair.

Better to be transgressors

Than to deny the faith;

Better to list in murky waters

Than to take a false course;

Always, always, you must always be right.

So they warmly shake hands as they part,

Knowing that what they believe is what’s true,

That it’s the things that you think that matter in life,

And not anything that you do.

by Allen L. Warner


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